Investment Writing: Key to Reach your Target Audience

Effective investment writing is crucial for communicating complex investment concepts, products and economic contexts to your target audience.

Why is investment writing important?

The marketing of investment products has changed significantly in the digital age. Digital communication encompasses every aspect of our lives, including the marketing of financial services.

Stocks, bonds, investments, mutual funds, ETFs, certificates, derivatives or closed-end funds are inherently virtual products and therefore ideal for digital communication.

Effective investment writing is crucial for communicating complex investment concepts, products, and economic contexts to your target audience. This requires specialised skills to successfully inform and inspire your audience.

Investment Writing is the Key to Effective Communication in Asset Management.

What characterises first-class investment writing?

First-class investment writing is characterised by the following features:

Comprehensibility: Complex financial concepts are simplified and clearly explained.

Engagement: Content that engages and informs the audience.

Target group-orientation: Content is adapted to different target groups such as private investors, financial brokers or institutional investors.

Diverse formats: Utilising different formats for effective communication.

Professional investment writing adapts its approach to the knowledge and background of the target audience and ensures that the content is relevant, clear and effective.

How investment writing helps with marketing and sales

Investment writing plays a crucial role in the marketing and sales of financial products. With clear and engaging communications, potential investors are better informed and feel more confident in their investment decisions. This promotes trust in your brand and customer loyalty.

High-quality content also improves your visibility in search engines, which leads to more traffic and potential customers. Through targeted communication and customised messages, you can address your target groups more effectively and optimise your sales strategies.

What makes Finanztext’s investment writing stand out?

At Finanztext, we pride ourselves on providing first-class investment writing services that excel in the following areas:

Expertise: Our team comprises former investment professionals with in-depth knowledge of financial markets and investment topics.

Accuracy: Each text undergoes a thorough peer review to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Customisation: We tailor our writing to your specific needs so that your message resonates with your target audience.

Flexibility: We offer both regular and project-based writing services and can provide additional support during peak periods.

What formats do we offer investment writing for?

Our investment writing services cover a variety of formats to fulfil your different communication needs:


Guest commentaries

Customer magazines

Blog posts

Annual reports







Research reports

Social media news

White papers

Which industries/segments does Finanztext work for?

We work for a wide range of companies in the financial sector, including

Asset Management

Investment Banks


Private Equity

Hedge Funds

Venture Capital

What does the financial text investment writing process look like?

Our structured investment writing process ensures high-quality content that is tailored to your needs:

Idea generation

Identification of ideas and topics

Topic research

Thorough research to ensure accuracy and depth

Writing, editing

Creating compelling content and refining it to perfection

Corrections, proofreading

Ensuring an error-free and polished final product

Continuous production

Ongoing support for effective communication

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